Tuesday, 18 August 2009

First day in Haiti

Ah, yes. First day here and we already got a mini tour of part of the city. No joke, it took like 45 min to an hour to get probably 8 miles to where we were going. Crazy mad traffic.

The flight this morning was at 6:30am, and if anyone has ever needed to get on a 6:30am flight, they know how much it totally blows. It actually wasn't that bad, and there was a pretty sweet ass sunrise to watch when we got to the airport. The flights were mostly uneventful. There was a handsome young man who sat next to me who I believe asked me if I was going to Columbia. I said no, but he still gave me a present at the end of the flight: a book note (I'm too tired to think of the real word right now. A thing that holds your page...) with his e-mail on it. Oh yea, baby.

Then layover, then flight. We got out luggage without any problems and the plane wasn't even late. So, all in all it went pretty well.

The mini tour was induced by the need of the two women I am traveling with at the moment, Peg and Jewlie, board members of Haiti Outreach, to get some art pieces from the iron works area. And as I said before, it took us at least an hour to get where we were going. We got turned around a couple times, but our driver (who was super chatty, wanted to practice his english), asked people walking on the street and we found it no problem. Jewlie and Peg went hog wild and got like 10 pieces of art, all for a reasonable price of $65. I think it's reasonable since it probably took them forever to make them.

And then we can back to our hotel, which is super swanky. I'm saying, high class Haitian, and like very decent American style. They have free wi-fi which is more than Starbucks can say.

That's about it today. Sleep is something I long to return. Which reminds me, the sun sets at like 6pm every night and rises at 6am. So, I do believe that my sleep schedule will be changing a bit once I no longer have electricity. Yup, that's all for now.

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