Tuesday, 25 August 2009

First week of work

So, not only did I get a new family, living quarters, town, bathroom, climate, etc., I also got a new job. It's funny because I've never really had a real office job. Now, it's only the second day and I know this will not be the typical office job by any means, but this is the first two days in a row that I've been parked in front of my computer looking up stuff. It's not too shabby thus far. There's actually cold water, by means of a water fountain (no on has yet to chat around it), a nice bathroom with educational reading (Neil gets the Economist, one of my favs, even though I only ever read like 3 articles in the 75 pages each week). All of my other jobs required more walking around, and no sitting. I kind of like having an office portion of the job. It's a new experience for me sharing an office. I can all of a sudden relate to all of the office jokes now, or can see myself maybe being able to relate to them.

The direction I hope to be going in with my stint in Haiti is some sort of way or another is trash, whether it be organic or non-organic. I kind of think organic would be more beneficial to the area, but I don't really know yet. It's only my second day at work. I'm pretty sure it will just run its course.

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